Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creative Team Peeps by Crowabout StudioB

Nancy (of Crowabout StudioB) has outdone herself yet again.  Every time I think she's hit her creative high she exceeds it!  Seriously, this girl is amazing!

So, here's the story behind the Creative Team Peeps.  Some body on the Creative Team suggested Nancy give us some parts and let us build some peeps for her.  I don't know if it was a serious suggestion or if it was said in jest but the dream became a reality.  It was a super fun, multi-step process that started with Nancy dissecting the peeps from their comfy magazine pages then she sent them to the Creative Team.  We altered them by giving them new eyes and noses and mouths and hair and bodies, feet and arms then sent them back to Nancy.  Next Nancy dissected our peeps and has made them available for you to put together however you see fit!  Only the very best peeps made it into the kit whole.

Here are my two journal pages I made using the peeps I put together:

And here is the kit:

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