Sunday, July 3, 2011

Born in USA by Paula Kesselring

When I first begged Paula to be a part of her Creative Team she was creating items that would work perfectly into an art journal.  At that time doing more art journaling was my intention.  As time passed Paula's style has drifted away from Art Journaling.  As time has passed my style has drifted away from Art Journaling.  I still want to do more Art Journaling, and now that I've FINALLY completed my 2010 scrapbook and I'm well on my way through my 2011 scrapbook I feel like I'm "caught up" enough to do "fun things" LOL.  Anyway, back to Paula.  I LOVE the new stuff that she's been crating.  Her latest creation is this really fun patriotic alpha- Born in USA.  Every day I'm thankful to be an American and nearly every day I find myself face to face with an American soldier and every time I do I feel privileged express my appreciation for their service.  This Independence Day, if you have the chance, thank a soldier for your freedom, if you don't have the chance please take the time to honor them.

This is my piece:

And here is Paula's Alpha:

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