Saturday, June 4, 2011

Paint with Boldness by Beth Rimmer

I've been participating in a digital Round Robin over at Deviant Scrap.  A Round Robin is journal swap where a group of people make journals and swap them through out the group, each person in the group creates a page in the journal then sends it on to the next person and the last person sends the journal back to it's original owner who has a beautiful book full of hand made pictures to ogle.  The digital version is similar, we each chose a "theme" for our journal and then we got a list of people who are participating.  Twice a month we make a page with the appropriate theme and send it to it's owner, each time moving down the list of participants.  My current partner's theme is "Time Flies" (and boy does it!).  I decided to use Beth Rimmer's new kit "Paint with Boldness" to create my page for Lee.

And here's the kit (available at Deviant Scrap):

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